Gauteng gambling board rules and regulations

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If you suspect or you are aware of any illegal gambling operations, please call on. 0860 545 545. All calls received will be treated confidentially and callers may remain anonymous, however, provide adequate details for the Board to be in the position to address all concerns recorded.

LIMPOPO GAMBLING BOARD - Limpopo Gambling Board envisages a credible, viable and regulated gambling industry in the Province, which provides exciting leisure opportunities that contribute to economic development. The Mission Limpopo Gambling Board is committed to the promotion of the gambling industry for the benefit of the people of the Province, by ensuring: Home [] May 22, 2018 · About The National Gambling Board is responsible for the oversight of the regulation in the gambling industry throughout the country and to preserve the integrity of South Africa as a responsible global citizen. Gauteng Gambling Act: Regulations: Draft - Exclaim

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In the recent case of Akani Egoli (Pty) Ltd and Others v Chairperson of the Gauteng Gambling Board and Others [2008] ZAGPHC 262, the Gauteng Provincial Division of the High Court of South Africa found that electronic bingo terminals (EBTs) do not offer the game of bingo, as defined in the 2004 Act, but that these terminals are essentially slot ...

Terms and Conditions | TAB Online - The Tote betting component is licensed by the Gauteng Gambling Board and is governed by the regulations of this body. The Fixed Odds component is licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board and is governed by the regulations of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. Gauteng Gambling Board (GGB) Vacancies Blog The Gauteng Gambling Board is committed to the achievement and maintenance of employment equity and diversity in respect of race and gender. Preference will therefore be given to candidates from the designated groups. All interested persons must kindly forward a motivational letter and detailed curriculum vitae to We only [Act 2 of 2003] GAUTENG LIQUOR ACT 2 OF 2003 [ASSENTED … licensed in terms of the Gauteng Gambling Act, 4 of 1995 or its successor or any relevant gaming and gambling legislation; "grant" with regard to a licence or permit means the approval of an application by the Board prior to issue of the licence or permit; "Head of Department" means the head of the department of the Provincial Government ACTS

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Gambling Regulations. ACT AND REGULATIONS. National Gambling Regulations Part 1 (Pdf Download 1.41 Mb) National Gambling Regulations Part 2 (Pdf Download 3.87 Mb) National Gambling Regulations Part 3 (Pdf Download 1.47 Mb) Gazetted National Gambling Legislations and Policy Documents; LPM regulations of 2000 (Pdf Download 346Kb) NOTICES